I personally experienced how frightening it is to hear a diagnosis.   In our lifetimes, we will probably hear one or more diagnoses of something.   Nothing manifests in a vacuum and regardless of what the dis-ease is, knowing how to address what caused it
is critical for current and future health.   Applying a “band-aid” on the symptom (rather than the cause) – on the dis-ease or imbalance –  doesn’t support the immune system nor overall health.  That is why dis-ease and poor health will continue and even re-appear.

Cancer and other dis-eases are rampant in men, women, children and even our pets.  It is critical to support our body’s innate healing wisdom and remove the “interferences” that allow dis-ease to appear.  There are many “interferences”.   Together we will address them to support your maximal health.

As the letters on the various testimonial pages attest, I will support you in your chosen path and journey back to health for I am here for the long run.

Our consultations are personalized to your situation.   The choices of how we proceed are yours.  It is essential for you to have full information from which to make those choices.