Benefits of Far-Infrared Rays and Negative Ions

There is an extensive amount of independent research on the benefits of far-infrared rays and negative ions. We are learning about the value of nature to our bodies. Amethyst, which is the base of Biomat products, is also believed to be a healing mineral. Everything has a “frequency”, a level at which it vibrates. So do minerals and they resonate with the body.

The question is: where can I obtain the greatest health benefits at the lowest cost, in the most life-style compatible delivery system? Biomat is profound technology. It provides far-infrared, negative ions and nature’s mineral benefits in the most user friendly technology available. Plus, you purchase it once and have it for many, many years.

It is far easier to remain healthy than to get healthy. And it’s easier to support your body in staying younger than getting older and sicker. The far infrared and negative ion technology in Biomat offers essential health promoting benefits. Far infrared is known to lower inflammation and inflammation is known to underlie most if not all disease and aging. It also increases circulation, improves the lymphatic system, improves sleep, lowers stress and anxiety and might even affect weight loss on higher temperatures.

I don’t travel without at least one piece. First I traveled with the professional size, which fits on a massage table. Then I traveled with the minimat, which fits on a chair or couch and is easy to even lay it down. Of late, I’ve traveled with the Biobelt. It is truly amazing the difference in my sleep and internal core warmth when I sleep with one of my Biomat products. Please note that internal core warmth is different from when your fingers are cold. It’s the internal cold, the significantly lowered body temperature, that leaves the door open for disease and could also indicate health problems. I prefer to stay warm which is why, even when traveling, I have one of the Biomat products with me..

Visit my BioMat Expert website for detailed research on BioMat technology or to purchase.

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