1. 11th Annual Integrative and Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference Presentation

  1.  “2015 Evidence Based, Complementary and Alternative Therapies Conference”

Annie Appleseed Conference:

  1. The “Cure To Cancer” Summit  2015 San Diego.  I was honored to present along with other world experts in the area of cancer, cancer research, health and healing.   Our focus was to provide current, actionable and cutting edge information relative to  integrative approaches to cancer.

4.  “Truly Heal – Cancer is Curable Now” 2015 youtube with Adrea being interviewed by Marcus Freudenmann.

The topic is “Haelan 951 and Other Healthier Approaches to Conquering Cancer”

Beneath this interview are links to two additional youtubes of Walter Wainright.  He was Adrea’s  mentor for seven years, and the internationally respected expert on the superior effectiveness of Haelan 951 in dealing with cancer.


5.  2018   12th Annual Integrative and Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference.–ijOHjpqjo&t=15s

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