Energy Healing

When the body is compromised by what I call “interferences”, pain and dis-ease appear. Pain and dis-ease are your body’s way of communicating messages to you that something is wrong. If we don’t listen to those messages, the body will demand the attention more loudly by manifesting potentially more serious stages of dis-ease.

Our objectives in consultation are to find your personal “keys” that unlock your doors. With the doors unlocked you can access the interferences and blockages. The body only knows how to be healthy. It has inherent knowledge of how to heal and regenerate. When the “interferences” accumulate beyond what the body can regularly cleanse, the immune system is undermined and serious disease takes hold. Dis-ease and pain result from “interferences” that block the body’s natural healing abilities, block energy flow and block healing by the body.

In combination with the other healing puzzle pieces, energy medicine supports the body in removing the “interferences” and blockages to its healing. With this removal, the body can communicate with itself, identify the targets that need healing and maximize its strength to heal those places.

The body's internal healing wisdom will maximize with the right support. Jin Shin Jyutsu, Guided Imagery and Biomat are three profound pieces that support our innate healing wisdom. They each have their own characteristics as explained below.


Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is the Japanese art of healing and relaxing by connecting with your own energy. I will guide you for half an hour to achieve benefits whenever and wherever you want to. JSJ is easy to learn, provides similar benefits to Reiki and acupuncture with no needles, and is easier than both to do. It supports the body's gently and effectively. JSJ addresses pain and disease, which are reflections of energy blockages in the body's energy systems. Those blocks inhibit the body's inherent abilities to heal. JSJ supports the body in removing the energy blockages by working with your own energy. It can be done sitting or lying down. Jin Shin Jyutsu helps with sleep, lowers stress and anxiety and improves overall well-being. Although everyone can benefit, JSJ is often used in oncology settings. People having conventional medicine like surgery and chemotherapy have been known to experience fewer side effects when they incorporate JSJ.


In consultation, you will gently be guided to create your a personalized protective Guided Imagery. In a half hour, you will learn it and can then access it any time you choose. This guided imagery is powerful at reducing stress in any situation and actually can help improve your quality of life. If you're having difficulty in personal relationships or having conventional medicine treatments for cancer, you can employ both JSJ and Guided Imagery to support you. With cancer treatments, it mitigates side effects. When employed in personal and business circumstances, you have your own guided imagery to lower stress and support you.


This profound technology is FDA approved for pain. Pain is generally caused by inflammation and poor circulation. The far infrared lowers inflammation and increases circulation and blood flow. All versions are easy to use. It is the most lifestyle friendly, lifestyle compatible technology for home and office use that you will find. Biomat products incorporate right into what we normally do in our lives. With no extra effort, we benefit while sitting, sleeping or standing. Biomat products provide deep far infrared and negative ions in a base of amethyst and other minerals. Far infrared is known to lower dangerous inflammation. Inflammation is known to underlie all disease, including heart disease, cancer and more. Far infrared also increases circulation, improves lymphatic flow, supports organ function, improves sleep, lowers anxiety and stress, improves nutritional absorption, supports mood and weight loss, and increases detoxification and relaxation.