Would you like to know the “silver bullet” to conquering cancer? Having successfully conquered personal cancers, I know this journey well.

My first oncologist fired me because I wouldn’t follow his protocol. It made no sense to me to weaken my body further when it was already screaming for help. In fact, the ultimate goal is to have the body conquer any unhealthy cells before they possibly become cancer cells.

I did extensive research and created an integrative program for myself to regain and retain my health. I also identified the multiple possible causes in my life that, together, undermined my health and allowed cancer cells to coalesce instead of die. I modify my plan regularly, since I monitor the new cancer research daily.

My focus is to provide information and support so my clients can:

a. heal current episode of cancer .

b. prevent cancer by targeting “causes” of cancer. It is important to remember that cancer itself is a symptom, not a cause.

c. improve daily quality of life. We aren’t born “patients”. While addressing the cancer episode, we need to experience joy and fun in our lives. It’s an important part of the healing.

d. protect themselves for the future by focusing on what is necessary create and sustain health and wellness on all levels

Did you know that cancer takes eight to twenty years to appear? Did you know that cancer is just a symptom of chaos in the body? Did you know that the body knows how to heal when it is supported on all levels?

We’ve been raised to believe in a “silver bullet”, like taking an aspirin and the head-ache disappears. The body is not that simple when it has uncontrolled “sick” cells. Even though we each have cancer cells, why do they become uncontrolled in some people and under control in others?

Cancer itself is just a symptom of unbridled chaos. We must address the causes of the chaos which result in disease in the body. Every aspect of our body, mind, spirit and energy systems function in relationship to the others. In order to have the best chance of healing, we need to work with all pieces of the healing puzzle simultaneously. What we choose to work with either supports or undermines our healing.

Whether someone is following conventional medicine, alternative, complementary or integrative, it is essential to incorporate addressing the “causes” of cancer into whatever path someone is following. Remember that removing a tumor is just removing the “symptom” of the cancer. The tumor is not the “cause” of the cancer. We must address the causes in order to thwart metastases and regain and retain our health.

Now the following is information you may not want to know; however, facts are facts and it is necessary to know this information in order to protect yourself. Just remember, don’t shoot me, I’m only the messenger. I tell you this for your own benefit. You then choose what to do with the information. Did you know that cancer can be chronic? That is why someone will be told they’re healed, or in remission or “no evidence of disease” and then cancer comes back. We all know know many people where cancer came back. So now what?

So the questions are:

1. how do we protect ourselves in the present and future?

2. since there is often a genetic component, how do we protect those we love?

We are informed by science and experience with ourselves and loved ones, that cancer can be chronic. A main objective of mine in working with clients is to improve the immune system and lower the virulence of any cancer episodes that appear or reappear. We do that by targeting the interrelated “causes” of cancer. The objective is that, by doing so, the body will ultimately destroy the sick cell before it can become a cancer cell.

There is no question that stress undermines our health. In so many of the consultations, the highest stressors are often related to interactions with family, friends and in business environments. If you choose to, we can incorporate life coaching for you alone or in conjunction with others of your choosing.

So now, what is the “silver bullet”? There is no medicine, medical professional, nutritional supplement nor surgery smarter than the body’s own abilities to heal. Your body’s innate healing wisdom and abilities to heal are your silver bullet.

Maximizing the body’s inherent abilities to heal, and removing interferences to that healing, is what we will address in consultation. I work with you, with whatever approach you prefer: conventional medicine, integrative, alternative, or complementary. In every approach, it is critical to address the “causes” of cancer.

The immune system is undermined in many ways. For example, by emotions, stress, environment, lack of sleep, lack of regular exercise, nutritional choices, our relationship to people and situations in our lives and more. In consultation, we will address mitigating or eliminating the causes of cancer in your life in order to strengthen the immune system.

Conquering Cancer
Life and Health Coach

Would you like a health advocate?

I am your health and life coach, and integrative consultant in conquering cancer .

We have a team to support you.

I am here to help you to Live Your Life!, as a person successfully dealing with health challenges, not as a patient trying to squeeze in “living a life”.  We each differ and need a personalized approach to our health.   My objectives are to empower you so your life and health journeys are successful.   I and my colleagues will support you.to retain or retrieve your health, whether you are working with conventional, integrative, complementary or alternative approaches.

Is your body's own healing activated?

The body is a self-healing mechanism and works best when given the right tools.

The body knows how to heal when the “interferences” are removed and the tools are provided. Our mission is to address the multiple “interferences” specific to your life that contribute to dis-ease and cancer. You will be empowered to take effective action, targeted to your situation. You will have more knowledge with which to evaluate options and make better decisions for your current cancer episodes and to protect yourself for the future.

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