About Biomat

Biomat is profound FDA approved technology. It should be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. I personally guide my clients on a complementary basis on how to maximize the benefits.

Biomat’s profound deep infrared and negative ion technology supports the body by:
1. lowering inflammation, pain and anxiety
2. increasing circulation and lymphatic movement
3. improving sleep, mood and relaxation
4. supporting the body’s natural cleansing and detoxification
5. increasing body warmth if one is cold by adjusting temperature settings

Biomat products:
1. deliver extensive benefits with truly no effort
2. fit easily into our lifestyle with no extra time necessary
3. are the greatest value and lowest cost for the most benefits
4. don’t take up any extra space
5. allow time and settings to be easily tailored to your needs
6. have excellent company warrantees.
7. have payment plans which allow no payments and no interest for 6 months

Speak to Adrea about the payment plans and to make sure the warrantee is in your name.

For more information or ordering, contact Adrea at 415-308-4818 and see the website.


Please remember that the benefits for health and anti-aging are extensive. Although easy to use, proper guidance is important for you to achieve the most benefits. Biomat makes being healthier so easy. You can be sleeping, driving, sitting, on the computer or even watching tv and you will be receiving benefits. One sits on the Minimat, lies down on the larger mats or wraps the Biobelt around themselves.

I have owned Biomat for many years because of the health benefits it provides me. I don’t travel without one of the pieces. When I realized how extraordinary the benefits were, I incorporated Biomat into my health and life coaching practice to make it available to my clients. I also shared the information with my colleagues because it is so unique. In fact, Biomat is one of only two products I am willing to represent and work with.

Although many people have only have one product, I have four and have had them for many years. My clients and I discuss their objectives so they can choose the product that works best for them. We discuss whether they want them for home, office, travel, lowering pain and inflammation, detoxification, sleep or other reasons. It is also great for pets, seniors, and people who tend to be cold or warm. We have been told that autistic children calm down and like the fact that they can regulate their own temperature for personal comfort.  

You are welcome to call me with any questions. I’ve decades of experience in the conventional, integrative, complementary and alternative approaches to health and healing.   Depending on your objectives, we can discuss how Biomat can help achieve them and which Biomat product will benefit you most.

Please note:
1. it is important to have the warrantee in your name
2. the warrantee only comes with new products. When ordered through me, new products are directly shipped to you from the company
3. there is no extra charge for my guidance when people purchase Biomat through me. My time is my gift so my clients know how to maximize the benefits.
4. the company requires that all new products be sold at the same price.
5. there is $100 professional and veteran’s discount with new purchases. Ask me about that.
6. I offer a 6 month, no payment, no interest plan for purchasing Biomat products.

If you would like to read about other people’s experiences, you can read the email below and also the “Biomat Testimonials” page under “Products” on this website.  

August 2016   Mississippi

Dear Adrea

I am so sorry I didn’t buy my Biomat from you.   Do not know how to use it and have gotten

little help from my dealer.
Jane R., ]