Thriving Health and Wellness

I don’t believe people have to die from cancer. Our bodies know how to be healthy. 13 years later, healthy and strong, I successfully activated my body to conquer personal cancer episodes.

Getting and staying healthy is important for everyone, not just those with cancer.

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Conquering Cancer

Would you like to know the “silver bullet” to conquering cancer? Having successfully conquered personal cancers, I know this journey well.
Life and Health Coach

Do you know how to significantly lower stress while improving your health, relationships, happiness and productivity?
Energy Healing Medicine

The body knows how to heal. Do you know what undermines that healing, causing pain and dis-ease to appear?
Genetics and Environment

What causes cancer? Are you aware science states genetics are a very small contributor to cancer and dis-ease?
Healthy Personal and Business Relationships

Can you read body language? Can you feel what someone’s energy or attitude is telling you?
I believe, and have experienced, that the body knows how to heal when "interferences" are removed. In fact, I don't believe that people have to die from cancer.

"There is no single answer to conquering cancer. Cancer is unquestionable evidence of chaos in the body. We must address what causes the chaos. We know healing starts on the inside. We know the body is a synergistic complex system. We know that targeting one area without targeting the whole, doesn't really work. When cancer appears, the body and immune system are screaming for help. Did you ever think that cancer is a "life sentence", a wake-up call, from your body asking for healing help? Let us listen to that call and together, activate your body's own healing abilities."

Adrea Brier