Can sleep also lower weight and improve brain function?

In our current world of “supermen and women”, we operate on A+ and overdrive. People flaunt how little sleep they have as if it’s a badge of honor. Is there something wrong with this picture?

Science and secure humans are acknowledging how important sleep is. Sleep is when the body heals, rejuvenates, regenerates and detoxifies. All of that contributes to health and wellness. Importantly, a rested, healing, detoxifying body is in a stronger position to fight disease and cancer. Research informs us that even Alzheimer’s plaque is mediated with good sleep.

For everyone, healthy or not, if we don’t sleep well and deeply, our brains are affected negatively and our physiology reacts:
1. We gain weight
2. Our brains don’t function optimally
3. Energy is decreased
4. Productivity is compromised
5. Moods are lower
6. Relationships are stressed and let’s face it,
6. It’s aging.

I work with a profound technology that supports health on many levels. It also helps people achieve deeper longer sleep. ( Yet, what does one do when one isn’t home to lie down?

Here’s what some are doing in New York. And folks, this is not a fad. As the baby boomers age, they are well aware of how precious health is. Prevention is better than the cure. Sleep is on the prevention continuum.