This article is really interesting and in case you don’t read it all, below is one of the paragraphs that stood out to me. It supports my belief that the body knows how to be healthier, even heal, when given the proper support. Many of us were raised to generally believe that “more is better”.

It seems this study indicates yet again, that that is not the case.

“Interestingly, a 2009 study showed that the widespread practice of antioxidant vitamin supplementation can actually interfere with this natural response. For the experiment, researchers divided human subjects into four groups: exercisers who took antioxidant vitamins; exercisers who did not; non-exercisers who took antioxidant vitamins; and non-exercisers who did not. Both groups of exercisers were healthier after a few months. But surprisingly, those who exercised without the antioxidant vitamins did best, probably, Mootha speculates, “because the rest of the cell, when it senses some of these sparks, adapts in a way that is beneficial to the organism”-and does so better than with vitamins, which appeared to interfere with the health-promoting stress of physical exercise.