Biomat Testimonials



August 2016   Mississippi

Dear Adrea

I am so sorry I didn’t buy my Biomat from you.   Do not know how to use it and have gotten
little help from my dealer.
Jane R., ]

Note from Adrea:
Biomat is profound deep far infrared and negative ion technology. When clients purchase Biomat products from me, I guide them at no charge so they can maximize the benefits. Biomat is an effective FDA approved medical device


(The man who wrote the testimonial below went through multiple life threatening emergency surgeries in a few days.  He was not expected to live.  His Naturopathic Doctor recommended the Biomat products to him.)

“About a month ago, I was introduced to the healing concept of the Bio Mat.  So, I chose to purchase the Mini Mat.
That size works best for me, when I am laying down or sitting up in a chair.

The first thing I noticed is the all over warmth that is delivered.  Also, the relaxation, and release of the daily aches and pains.  It has made SUCH a difference for me in less than a week!!!   I am now sleeping through the night,
I have no more aches and pains, I have more energy, feel more rested and I know it is assisting with detoxing and rejuvenating on a cellular level.   I highly recommend this product, for it’s healing abilities and the craftsmanship which has gone into making it.

JAMES S. (Australia)


“I first tried the BioMat when having a Shiatsu massage and I was hooked. The Biomat is fantastic it warms, relaxes, & is soothing for your body. I use my Biomat while watching TV, reading or before bed and I feel calmer, more relaxed and can drift off into a restful sleep. I love my Biomat this is one of the best purchases I have ever made!”
– Tracey K.


“I had lower back pain for twenty years which limited my movement and therefore my activities. I also have arthritis in my knees. I bought a Biomat and after sleeping on it at night for a couple of weeks I was pain free. I found I was doing things with ease that usually left me in pain and after a month I had much more freedom of movement. I had been taking supplements for my knees to keep them pain free but with the Biomat I no longer need the supplements. I also find that I am sleeping at a more restful and deeper level. I wish I had known about the Biomat years ago. I just love it.”
– D. Ross


“My mini-BioMat has markedly improved my quality of life. I am so glad that I got one. It has become a permanent fixture in my living room, and I really look forward to spending time with it every day.”
– Amber W.


“After the first month I noticed my Biomat making a tremendous difference, I’m much more energetic and active now. The aches and pains from years of muscular discomfort, fatigue and worse, are fading away and the peaceful sleep I now have at night is making my life calm.