Healthy Relationships

A person’s verbal and non-verbal body language, facial expressions and other non-verbal communications affect our health, emotional well-being and how we relate to one another.

These non-verbal messages pair with the person’s verbal communication.  What is and isn’t “seen and heard” creates a more complete message to which our body, mind and intuition react. You might say they create an impression.  Because the unspoken communications aren’t voiced, we and they have reactions that aren’t explained.  We each react to the “unvoiced,” driving drives tensions and miscommunications, which then undermine relationships and positive solutions.  This incomplete communication and reaction affects us physically, emotionally and energetically, whether we are conscious of reacting or not.

In our consultations, we will address the effects of, and solutions to, these complex spoken and often unspoken communications.  We will empower you to understand both so you will have more effective ways of positively relating to others and achieving more successful outcomes.  Importantly, others will relate to you more positively.  The path will be paved for lowering harmful stress for yourself and in your personal and family life, and professional environments.