Many people ask me if they can order Haelan through me. Yes, you order through me.
Then we speak and and I guide you in what to do to maximize Haelan’s benefits.
We also discuss how much, when and when you can cut back on how much you take.
My gift to you is my guidance on a complementary basis.

Haelan is an organic, non-gmo fermented soy food beverage. Please note: fermented soy is totally different from regular soy. It’s like having two different models of cars, that are both cars. Haelan company works with a top scientist in the world to ensure Haelan 951 is loaded with ingredients and compounds that help promote natural fighters of cancer. Carefully calculated levels of isoflavones (such as genistein, daidzin, genistin), saponins, phytosterols, protease inhibitors, and phytic acid compounds combined with our unique and proven nitrogenized fermentation process contributes to the superior effectiveness of Haelan 951. The company is committed to becoming the world’s most powerful food/beverage.

During conventional treatment, the body will typically experience side effect. While these vary from patient to patient, but there are some common side effects that are more likely to occur than others. (See Adrea’s testimonial on the the Haelan Testimonials page to know how Haelan helped her combat side effects and have more energy).

Haelan 951 contains special vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more in levels specifically designed to combat treatment side effects. Haelan 951 is available only in a liquid form so that it can be easily administered to patients who are having trouble chewing or swallowing.

1. Interview of Adrea: Effectiveness of Haelan with regards to Cancer:
January 2014

An interview of Adrea about cancer with Marcus Freudennman of Truly Heal. Once you’ve listened to the interview, under the interview picture, you will see two additional links to interviews with Walter Wainright, the world expert on Haelan. He was Adrea’s mentor for 7 years and he has since passed away.

Haelan is an immune-supportive fermented organic non-GMO probiotic organic nutritional protein beverage food product that addresses the root CAUSES of cancer, NOT the SYMPTOMS. Tumors are symptoms of a serious chaotic imbalance in the body, Tumors don’t cause Tumors. It is essential to address root underlying causes of the imbalance

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Conquering Cancer
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