Genetics, Epigenetics and Environment

Are you familiar with the groundbreaking work of  Dr. Bruce Lipton and the Science of Epigenetics?    Read on.

Are you aware of all the toxins in your lives?   Everything we put on or near our bodies, including what we breathe,  has either a positive supportive effect or builds up to overburden our immune systems.   Think about these:   the air we breathe, the electromagnetic energy we are surrounded by, our hair products and toothpaste, dental condition, nutritional supplements, shampoo, conditioners, laundry products, carpets, the clothes we wear, the swimming pool, the water we drink, plastic that leaches into our food and water bottles, rancid oils, car exhaust, lawn pesticides, questionable food quality.   Should I continue?.

Are you depressed?   Don’t be.  We do have options.   We just need to be aware of our options so we can make wiser more supportive choices.   As a result of living in today’s world, we must also be conscious of daily  lowering inflammation and on-going detoxification. because we can’t control everything in our environment   I work with a technology that is excellent for supporting the body’s strength in many ways, including by lowering inflammation and supporting detoxification.  See

We are products of our environment and of our thoughts.   On a physiological level, as the layers of toxins accumulate, our body’s inherent healing and self-cleansing mechanisms begin to be overloaded and therefore, compromised.    Toxins are generated from the environment, and from our mental and emotional states.

Let’s discuss how to make choices that support us in our environment and in our minds.

By maximizing the understanding of epi-genetics, and implementing a plan that supports rather than undermines health, we can positively address the toxins which overburden our bodies and lead to dis-ease.