Haelan is ordered through Adrea. It is an organic, non-gmo fermented soy food product.  Please note:  fermented soy is totally different from regular soy.  It’s like having two different models of cars, that are both cars. To learn more, see the Haelan Research and Haelan Testimonials pages on this website.

I’ve been working with Haelan since it changed my life in 2006.   When I learned what it did, I discarded the drug that my intuition was telling me was so harmful.   After that, my oncologist fired me for stepping outside the “conventional” box.   Yet, given what I’d heard from the international expert who knew all the science about Haelan, Water Wainright, I knew I was taking a step to support my body, not undermine it further.   Walter became my mentor for 7 years, until he passed away a few years ago.  I do for others what Walter did for me.   When people purchase Haelan from me, in the United States or internationally, I guide them on a complementary basis to be sure they receive the maximum benefits.

Haelan works against many cancers and other disease, by supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms with its unique formulation and ingredients.  That includes five of the ingredients that one of the national cancer organizations said are the most powerful against cancer.  To learn more, see the Haelan Research page in the drop-down menu on this website’s Product link.  Also read the Haelan success testimonials in the drop-down menu under this website’s Testimonials link.

Haelan may well have saved my life starting in 2006.  At that time, there was very little available, other than drugs, chemo, surgery and radiation.  We have a few more options today, however, treating cancer still hasn’t changed much.   Conventional medicine treats the cancer as a symptom, and don’t look at what allowed the cancer to appear, the causes underlying the cancer.

I had decades of experience in the conventional medical arena yet I knew nothing about cancer in 2006.   I did know my body was screaming for help and I wasn’t going to damage it further.  Almost 13 years later, I am healthy and strong many years later.

There is very little I am willing to sell in my consulting practice besides my time.  Haelan is one of the two items.  Biomat is the other.   Both need specialized knowledge to maximize the benefits.   With each one, the companies require the items to be “fair-trade” pricing.  When someone purchases Haelan or Biomat through me, I provide complementary guidance for them on how to maximize the benefits.  If they purchase elsewhere, I charge them for my time to guide them.

Having had cancer episodes personally multiple times, I understand the health and healing journey well. I’ve been on the minimum Haelan maintenance dose for many years and I’m healthy and strong for approaching 13 years.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and let me know how I can help further.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information and products provided on this educational website, and in our consultations, conversations and emails, are not medical advice. All is for informational purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure nor prevent any disease. For medical advice, consult your chosen licensed physician or other health care professional.