Adrea Brier, CNHP, CLC, JSJ,  has a unique and powerful background.  She consults internationally in integrative approaches to conquering cancer.  She also provides Life and Health coaching for businesses and individuals in personal,  family and business settings.

Adrea is certified as a Natural Health Professional, certified as a Life Coach, certified in Jin Shin Jyutsu, (JSJ) the Japanese art of healing with one’s own energy, and has completed the respected Smith Center program for Integrative Cancer Navigation for Patients.  Adrea also works with personalized (GI) guided imagery.

Adrea successfully conquered multiple personal episodes of cancer, and is healthy and strong for over 13 years.  She accomplished this by selectively blending her extensive experience in conventional medicine, with her life-long experience in complementary and alternative medicine.    She shares that information with her clients internationally.   Adrea functioned as a patient, elder, senior and veterans advocate for decades.

The cancer consulting is for those who want to address pre, current and post cancer situations. Life and Health coaching are for all who simply want to be pro-active in increasing and maintaining their levels of health.

Most clients are referred by health professionals and individuals she has supported in their journeys back to health.  Adrea consults on Skype, FaceTime and by phone.

Many share this educational website on their social media pages,  so their network can easily access all the cutting edge information on cancer and general health.   You will also find interviews, articles, and presentations from cancer conferences and research on this site.